JANUS: Entrance and escape
JANUS: Searching for true self
Model: Eduard Pleștiu Make-up & Hair: Laura Perian Styling: Simona Semen Rigging: Amar Pas
JANUS: Searching for true self
JANUS: Generative art
Work inspired by Bosch, Tim Walker and Luis Barragan. Created using Generative AI.
Time Capsule
Model: Miss Universe România 2021 Carmina Cotfas Make-up: Laura Perian Hairstyle: Cera Mihăilescu Clothing: Mary Sten, IE Clothing, Aleha Toncea Atelier Music: Luna by Tony Anderson Fashion stylist: Claudiu Pavelin Gălățescu
The search
Model: Alexandra Ghioculeț Fashion: Aleha Toncea, Claudia Rawlings, Raluca Soare, Fena Clothing, Alexandra Calafateanu, IE Clothing Styling: Claudiu Pavelin Gălățescu
Model: Irina Vochițu Fashion: Aleha Toncea
Model: Irina Vochițu Make-up: Academia Bucur Fashion: Raluca Soare, Aleha Toncea, Mihai Manciu Styling: Claudiu Pavelin Gălățescu
Model: Denisa Beșleagă & Sabrina Maria Make-up: Sarah Qasem Hairstyle: Alexandru Ion Fashion: Mitiliane Couture
Model: Denisa Beșleagă Make-up: Sarah Qasem Hairstyle: Alexandru Ion Fashion: Mitiliane Couture
Model: Nicolé Hamill Make-up: Laura Perian Hairstyle: Antonesei Cristina Fashion designer: Antonia Nae Wardrobe stylist: Croitoru Larisa
Bride or angel
Published in "Ellements Magazine" "The love issue number 3" from FEB.2022 Model: Nicolé Hamill Make-up: Laura Perian Hairstyle: Mortasipu Ana-Maria Fashion: Armadio Concept & Vintage for dessert
Soirees de la mode
Models: Nicoleta Tupea, Maria Tălpeanu, Anna Maria, Alina Monica, Maria Dimache Make-up: Laura Perian Hairstyle: Mortasipu Ana-Maria Accessories: Atelier Danessa Fashion: Aleha Toncea, Antonia Nae Designs, Atelier Bolero, Claudia Rawlings - Fashion Iza Van Dee, Mitiliane Couture, Simona Semen, Studio Cabal Clothing Styling: Claudiu Pavelin Galatescu
Define: industrial
Published in Edith Magazine 595 from April 2022 Model: Alexia Silinescu Make-up: Sarah Qasem Assistant: Ana Mantea Designer: Mitiliane Couture
The martyrdom of a flower
Awarded Gold at "Budapest International Foto Awards" Fashion category in 2021 Published in "Ellements Magazine" issue no. 9 from SEP.2021 The editorial describes the social context around which we are forced to live. From the calmness of our lives to the violent changes we need to adapt to nowadays. In the pictures we represented our individual identities by using the flowers and the living context by using water. Further, we will let the viewers follow and continue the story. Model: Octavia Kiss from Etoiles models Make-up: Laura Perian Hairstyle: Cristina Antonesei Assistant: Ana Mantea Accesories: Ana Ilie Designers: Thrones Studio, Raluca Soare, Mitiliane Couture, Antonia Nae
Aurora Borealis
Model: Nicoleta Tupea
Love story short
Helmut Newton vs. Francis Bacon inspired photoshoot On display at Palace Hall Bucharest since november 2021 Styling: Claudiu Pavelin Galatescu Models: Lavinia Stroe, Rares Popescu Make-up: Laura Perian Designer: Mitiliane Couture
Styling: Claudiu Pavelin Galatescu Support team: Izabella Elena, Alexia Matei, Larisa Movila Clothing: Raluca Lupulescu Soare, Dana Vanessa Bratu, Aleha Toncea, Alexandra Calafeteanu, Anca Balas, Ketty Nicolescu, Emilia Tudoran, Iulia Ghenea, Laura Caraman, Andreea Simona, Mihai Manciu Make-up: Laura Perian, Cosmina Mihalcea Hairstyle: Mortasipu Ana-Maria Models: MRA Models Agency, Alexia Silinescu, Maria Tălpeanu, Andreea Matei, Valentina Balasa Ario, Mihaesteanu Edit, Nicoleta Tupea, Timeea Karina Tiplea, Maria Irina Stergarel, Lavinia Stroe
Golden citadel
Published in "RED Magazine" issue from SEP.2021 Models: Alexia Silinescu, Maria Tălpeanu Make-up: Laura Perian, Cosmina Mihalcea Hairstyle: Mortasipu Ana-Maria
Models: Alexia Silinescu Make-up: Laura Perian Hairstyle: Mortasipu Ana-Maria
Models: Nicoleta Tupea & Monica Drăguț Make-up and hair: Andreea Neacșu Fashion: Antonia Nae
Candy apple
Published in Vertiqlè Magazine issue 14 september 2020 Model: @m0nica.alina Makeup: @m0nica.alina Fashion designer: @antonia_nae
Candy & Chocolate
Published in MARIKA MAGAZINE issue 143 august 2020 Model: @em.31k & @alemhm Makeup: @alemhm Fashion stylist: @nico08___
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